LIVRAISON GRATUITE ! Les frais de port et d'emballage sont 100% gratuits sans condition d'achat

Les personnalités qui portent les chaussures Toranja

Leee John Famous Singer Writer Producer and IMAGINATION Leader Band

Leee John Famous Singer Writer Producer and IMAGINATION Leader Band

CALEMA Famous Brothers music Band

Claudia Costa Fado Singer

Dan Inger Folk Rock and Blues Famous singer

Dan Inger Folk Rock and Blues Famous singer 

Daniel Gomes Chocolatier World Most Expansive Chocolate


David Moka Famous latino and dance French DJ and Producer_

DJ Mark Guedes Famous 70s 80s 90s musics DJ   M 80 FM Radio resident DJ

Francisco E Cunha French actor and one man show

Humanist Project French Singer

JAMICE Famous Carribean Music Singer called the Prince of Zouk

Jess Solis   Soul & Gospel French Singer

Joao Feijo   Famous Portuguese Artist Painter

José Carlos Mozer Famous Soccer Player

Katia Guerreiro Famous world Fado Singer

Kevin Lyttle Famous singer and king of Socca Dance

Laura Mendes Famous Singer and winner of NRJ French Hits Contest

Lou Salomé French Singer

Luis Alberto Reis Famous Portuguese Charm Songs Singer

Luis Nani    Famous Portuguese Soccer Player

Claude Bartolone Ex-président de l'assemblée nationale Française

Wendy Nazaré Chanteuse belge d'origine Portugaise

Rita Mendes Bests Portuguese DJ and Television presenter

Rodrigue Balon alias KIMBO Famous D8  C17  I Télé french TV Cooker and TV presenter

Mickael Serfati 10 years consecutive France Karaté Champion

Mario Dias Famous instruments player and music producer

To Zé Santos Portuguese Singer and Leader of PERFUME 

Stephen Manas Famous French Model and multi awards Actor


David Gonçalves French  Portuguese Soccer Freestyle Champion

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